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While there has been much research done on the South Carolina units that were mustered into CSA service, their efforts, and suffering, little has been expended on the units raised who generally stayed within the borders of the state. What little that has been done is less then complimentary. While it is true they did not get involved in the better know battles, they did their duty and provided support for such troops by providing "second line" support services, allowing the CSA units to perform their duty.
These pages are committed to those patriots, some too young to shave, others well past their physical prime, who put their lives on the line just as surely as their brothers and sons were doing in Virginia and in the west. When the chips were done and they had to fight, they did their fair share.
I have a great grandfather and a great great grandfather amongst thier number and I fear that unless I do my part to preserve their memory, they will be forgotten. It is just not a bumper sticker phrase when I say,

"Forget? HELL NO!!!"

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Aiken Independent Mounted Infantry
Captain William F. Percival
Roster and Newspaper Call
The Battle of Aiken - February of 1865

In a last ditch effort, South Carolina called up the militia units. Boys 17 and men over 44 were called up in May 1864 (Senior Reservces). In November, these units were cobverted to regular CSA units and South Carlina called up the last reserves, boys 16 years old and younger (Junior Reserves). Details on these young boy and old men patriots can be found on
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The service of native born South Carolinans was definately not limited to SC CSA units or even SC Militia. Every CSA state owes much to their contributions. The above are 4 King Brothers from the Sumter Distriect that served from Houston County, GA and they are John Hamblin King (born May 1826, died Dec 1878). Sylvester Capers King (died prior to 1887). Francis Marion King (born 1843, died Dec 1908). and Alfred A. King (born 11 Oct 1831, died 28 Nov 1903). The County History states: "In fact, it might be said that the South Carolinians in the eighteen forties and fifties fairly poured in. The observation has been made that every Captain that led Houston County companies to the War Between the States, except one, was a native of the Palmetto State."

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