3rd Regiment of State Troops
Junior Reserves (State Militia)
Company I
Lancaster and Kershaw Counties

Caskey, James Dixon, Captain, born 8 Mar 1809. He was captain of the Lancaster Tigers - Company I, 17th S.C. Infantry from 9 December 1861 to 28 April 1862. He was not re-elected at the reorganization. He was captain of Company I, 3rd Regiment, S. C. State Troops from August to December 1863. He was elected captain of a company of one of the Junior Reserve Regiments on 13 September 1864. He died 3 Mar 1876

Duncan, Columbus Livingston, 1st Lieutenant, born 25 Sept 1829, died 31 Dec 1901, buried in Salem Cemetery, Heath Springs

Massey, Henry, 1st Lieutenant

Porter, J. Leonard S., 2nd Lieutenant, born Dec 1847, died 1904

Van Landingham, John Henry, 3rd Lieutenant, born 14 May 1848, died 27 Feb 1915 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Section H, Plot 13, in Charlotte, NC

Steele, Martin, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Clyburn, Minor Hilton, 1st Sergeant, born 19 Aug 1848, moved to Texas about 1875, died 31 July 1915, and is buried in the Humble Cemetery, Humble, Harris County, Texas

Beckham, George Westly, 2nd Sergeant, born in 1849, died 1905, buried in the Bennett Family Cemetery, Lancaster County

Truesdale, James, 3rd Sergeant, born 1848

Cherry, Thomas, 4th Sergeant, born 1848

Funderburk, Lancaster Jackson, 5th Sergeant, born 30 Jan 1849, died 1 Dec 1909, and is buried in Tuscaloosa, AL

Caskey, Joseph M., 1st Corporal, born 2 May 1848. He enlisted Sep 1864 and was discharged 25 Apr 1865. He died 20 Nov 1903, and is buried in New Hope Baptist, Lancaster

Bruce, Phillip Thornwell, 2nd Corporal, born 1848

Hinson, Martin Van Buren, 3rd Corporal, born 25 Feb 1848. He enlisted 3 Sep 1864 and was discharged 9 Apr 1865, Spartanburg, SC. He died 24 Aug 1933 and is buried in Fork Hill Baptist Church, Lancaster

Craig, James Hood, 4th Corporal, born about 1849 and died 12 May 1879. He enlisted 25 Jun 1864 and was discharged 1 Apr 1865, Charlotte, NC. He died 12 May 1879.

Arant, Ransom, born 26 May 1848. He enlisted Sept 1864 and was discharged March 1865. He died 2 Oct 1933 and is buried in Mint Hill, Mecklenburg County, NC

Belk, Samuel Ellison, born 8 Dec 1848, died 7 Aug 1924, and is buried in Beulah Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union County, NC

Bailey, G. W., born 11 Apr 1847, died 6 Mar 1873, and is buried in Salem Cemetery Lancaster

Blackwell, David L., born 22 Nov 1848, died 24 Jul 1919 and is buried in Kershaw City Cemetery, Lancaster County

Brasington, John Samuel. born 20 Aug 1848 in Lancaster County. He enlisted 8 Nov 1864 and was discharged 6 May 1865, Charlotte, NC. He died 24 Nov 1934 and is buried in Beaver Creek Methodist Church Cemetery, Lancaster. He is my great grandfather.

Caskey, Samuel L., born about 1848

Caskey, Leonard Strait, born 13 Feb 1848. He enlisted Sep 1864 and was discharged 16 Apr 1865, Greensboro, NC.

Caskey, John Davis, born 16 April 1848. He enlisted 15 Dec 1864 and was discharged 2 April 1865, Guilford Court House, NC. He died 23 Dec 1921.

Cousart, John W., born about 1848

Baker, William Samuel, born about 1851

Catoe, William Andrew, born 30 Jul 1848, died 5 Oct 1917

Dunlap, E. C., born about 1849

Douglas, James L., born about 1848

Dixon, James B., born about 1848

Estridge, Franklin C., born about 1849

Faile, Jacob, born 10 Nov 1848. He enlisted 2 Dec 1864 and was discharged Mar 1865. While not on the only surving muster, he was granted a pension based on attestment of other company memebers. He previolsly served in 5th State troops, Company I.

Faile, Nathan Grandison, born 4 Mar 1848, Taxahaw. He enlisted 15 Nov 1864 and was discharged 15 May 1865, Chester, SC. and died before 1930

Funderburk, Capers Lafayette, born 14 Sept 1847, died 16 Feb 1914, and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Climax, GA

Funderburk, Jackson A., born about 1848

Gay, George Washington, born 25 Apr 1848. He enlisted 1 Dec 1864 and was discharged 1 May 1865, Chester, SC. He died 14 Jan 1921, and is buried in Hanging Rock Methodist Church Cemetery, Kershaw, Lancaster County

Gregory, William M., born about 1848

Gardner, John F., born about 1848

Gardner, R.

Hancock, Henry Clay, born May 1847. He enlisted Sep 1864 and was discharged Apr 1865, at home. He died 14 Oct 1913, and is buried in Westside Cemetery, Lancaster

Hinson, Richard H., born about 1848

Hopkins, Thomas, born about 1847

Lyles, William J., born about 1843. After The War, he settled in Cypress Community in Darlington County. He is buried in the Mt Elon Baptist Church Cemetery on Highway 15 between Bishopville and Hartsville.

Lark, John E., born about 1850

Long, William J., born about 1850

Marshall, W. J.

Murrow, Benjamin Franklin, born 15 Mar 1848, died 12 Dec 1919, and is buried at Six Mile Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Belair Community of Indian TWP, Lancaster County

Mungo, Loverick Franklin, born 31 Mar 1847, died 14 Nov 1908, and is buried at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Kershaw County

Nelson, James C., born 23 Jan 1848. He enlisted 2 Dec 1864 and was discharged Apr 1865, Sumter SC.

Neill, Thomas Alexander, born 16 Mar 1848. He enlisted Apr 1865 and was discharged 2 Apr 1865, Spartanburg SC.

Outen, William G., born about 1849

Plyler, Dixon Barnes, born 5 Sep 1848, died 10 Feb 1891 in Union County, NC

Raley, Joseph A., born 10 Jan 1844

Raley, Edward, born 1848

Raley, Edward F., born 22 Feb 1848, died 11 Aug 1898

Raley, Levi, born 2 Aug 1848

Robinson, Hilton

Robinson, Pierson, born about 1848

Robinson, Nathaniel P., born about 1849

Short, William Jefferson L., born 8 Oct 1847 ( or 3 Aug 1848). He enlisted Dec 1864 and was with company when it disbanded in Mar 1865. He died 17 Dec 1889

Small, Parker, born about 1849, admitted to Wayside (1st Louisana) Confederate Hospital, Charleston in Jan or Feb 1865. He died 18 February and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Sowell, James Murchison, born 20 Jan 1848. He enlisted 15 Nov 1864 and was discharged 1 May 1865, Chester. He died 1 Aug 1922, and is buried in Mount Pisgah Cemetery

Stewart, Samuel

Stogner, John Crawford, born about 1847

Taylor, Andrew Marion, born 16 Sep 1848. He enlisted Sep 1864 and was with company when disbanded by Captain Caskey at Charlotte in 1865/ He died 06 Sep 1921, and is buried Pleasant Plain Baptist Church Cemetery, Lancaster County

Tolbert ( Talbert ), John, born about 1848, died on 28 Jan 1865 and is buried the Confederate section of Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia

Vickery, Thomas P., born about 1848

Williams, William J., born about 1848

Wright, A. C.

Wright, John, born about 1847

Wright, Wilson, born about 1848

There are indications that there was at least 1 additional Private whose name is not yet known

Lancaster (SC) Ledger
Tuesday, 20 September 1864

We learn that Capt. J. D. Caskey (a volunteer over fifty years of age, and who has already seen good service since the war began) was elected [on 10 September 1864] Captain of the company of boys from this District. Henry Massey, 1st, L. S. Porter, 2nd, and Martin Steele, 3rd Lieutenant.

Newspaper Article

Actual dates are from family members or cemetery records. Ca dates are from the 1860 Census. For those with no date, I have not yet found them on any record.


John Samuel Brasington is my Great Grandfather. I have no pictures of him and he died about 14 years before I was born. This is my way of getting closer to him. I expect to meet him when my time comes to --"pass over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees." This entire web site is dedicated to him.

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