Fourteenth (14th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia

Cammanding Officer
  colonel Donald R. Barton

Field Staff
  Brodie, B. M., Lieutenant

company A - Captain - Barnwell District

company B - Captain - Barnwell District

company C - Captain - District

company D - Captain - District

company E - Captain - Orangeburg District

company F - Captain - District

company K - Captain - District

company Unknown - Captain - District

This unit was listed in Brigadier General John K. Jackson, Brigadier General James H. Trapier's Divison in Jan 1865. It was called to active duty at Branchville, SC, on 5 January 1865, and was moved to Blackville, SC, on 17 January. On 15 February, it numbered about 210 men, and was posted on the western side of the congaree River, near the bridge at columbia, SC, and provided a 50 man detail to guard the Broad River bridge.

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