First (1st) Regiment
South Carolina Militia
Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery
Captain Trenholm's Company

Trenholm, William L., Captain
Huger, Cleland K., Captain
Trenholm, F. H., 1st Lieutenant
Walker, Legare J., 1st Lieutenant
Barnwell, Edward H., 2nd Lieutenant
Warley, John C., 2nd Lieutenant
Rivers, Elias, Lieutenant
Budd, T. G., Ord Officer

NonCommissioned Officers
Robinson, G. E., Lieutenant Sergeant, enlisted as Private
Gray, A. P., Sergeant
Hinson, W. G., Sergeant
Jeffers, William H., Sergeant
Mikell, W. L., Sergeant
Walker, S. T., Sergeant, enlisted as Corporal
Moran, ??, Drill Master
Cannaday, A., Corporal
Dubose, Edwin, Corporal
Girardeau, W. H., Corporal
Taylor, Joseph D., Corporal, enlisted as Private
Walker, D. L., Corporal
Walker, S. J., Corporal
Wilson, C. J., Corporal
McCoy, W. S., Commissary
Burden, W. B., Corporal
Chapeau, F. F., Saddler, enlisted as Private
Larcombe, ??, Musician
Messervey, P. H., Bugler, enlisted as Private
Yeadon, W. ( R. W. ), Bugler

Acker, E. H.
Adams, C. B.
Adams, F. L.
Adams, L. A.
Adams, O. W.
Allen, T. C.
Anderson, D. R.
Anderson, Louis ( L. F. )
Anderson, R. L.
Arnold, J. H.
Bacot, P. B.
Bacot, T. L.
Bailey, J. H.
Barnwell, B. W.
Barnwell, Bower
Barnwell, J. S.
Barnwell, Nat B.
Barr, W. F.
Bee, J. L.
Bee, Robert
Bennett, C. E.
Bishop, J.
Boggs, H. W.
Bowie, L. J.
Brailsford, A. W.
Broyles, A. T.
Burns, R. M.
Butler, W. C.
Cannady, A.
Chapeau ( Chappeau ), F. F.
Cherry, J. C.
Clarke, J.
Clinton, J. H.
Cochran, R. A.
Cohen, P. L.
Compton, M. B.
Cooley, J. M.
Corrie, S. J.
Crayton, S. M.
Cummings ( Cumings ), J. S.
Cummings, J. S.
Curtis, R. R.
Davis, W. R.
Desel, J. B.
Doar, James C.
Dobbins, A. C.
Dobbins, G. W.
Doolittle, C. A.
Doolittle, L. B.
Doucin, P. M.
Drayton, C. E.
Dubose, Julius E.
Duke, John
Duncan, A. S.
Durham, M. B.
Earle, E. P.
Eaton, E. B.
Elliott, William
Ellison, R. E.
Faber, H. F.
Fanning, F.
Fripp, J. J.
Glover, Sanders
Goddard, P. C. ( P. G. )
Gough, A. E.
Gowan ( Gowen ), A. G.
Green, A. R.
Green, F. M.
Green, H. B.
Gregorie, H. H.
Gregorie, James L.
Hammond, C. D.
Harbin, S. M.
Harvey, W. G. ( Wilson )
Heron, James G., Private, enlisted as Teamster
Herriot ( Heriot ), H. F., Private, enlisted as Corporal
Hester, J. B.
Hinson, S. M.
Hughes, George C.
Hussey, W. C.
Jeffers, J. S.
Johnson, J.
Johnson, L. B.
Johnson, W. H.
Jolly, F. L.
Jones, W. R.
Kennedy, W. H.
Kennemore, C. C.
Kirk, William
Lawton, J. C.
Lawton, J. M.
Lewis, F. P.
Lewis, J. J.
Lewis, T. A.
Linder, T. J.
Livingston, Edward
Magee ( McGee ), J. J.
Magee, W. Z.
Manigault, A.
Manigault, G. E.
Marion, B. P.
Martin, T. W.
Martin, W. M.
Massey, B. F.
Massey, Thomas
Maxwell, F. L.
Maxwell, J. D.
McCay, Robert
McCay, William
McDowell, James ( J. E. )
McDowell, W. A.
McGee, J. J.
McGee, J. P.
McJunken, J. D.
McKnight, R. M.
Mitchell, Daniel
Moore, R. L.
Moran, H. W.
Murtland, James
Neal, L. C.
Norris, P. K.
O'Brien ( O'Brian ), H. G. ( H. S. )
Owen, R. L.
Owen, S. H.
Palmer, L. G.
Parry, James D.
Penney, W. H.
Pennick, ??
Perry, J. D.
Perry, J. W.
Pinckney, Roger
Porcher, A. M.
Porcher, J. H.
Powell, S. T.
Powell, T. A.
Quillan, P. M.
Ravenal ( Ravenel ), W. F.
Raysor, J. M.
Reed, L. A.
Reid, John
Rice, W. W.
Rich, George C.
Richards, F. J.
Richbourg, H.
Roberts, W.
Robertson, W. M.
Rodgers, Artmain
Searson, Benjamin Cicero, Enlisted in Co A, Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery on 3 JUL 1863 by CAPT Trenholm at McPhersonville. Served continuously up to and after the conversion to Co B, 7th SC Cavalry. Previously served in Greene's Co, (Saltketcher Guerillas), 1st SC Mounted Militia.

Shelor, John W.
Shelor, W. R.
Sherar, B. H.
Simmons, James N.
Simmons, M. L.
Simmons, S. W.
Simpson, T. R.
Sinkler, William
Sloan, B. F.
Sloan, D W.
Smith, J. D.
Smith, W. M.
Smyth, John
Snipes, M. A.
Snow, T. B. ( T. P. )
Snow, T. P.
Snowden, D. ( W. D. )
Snowden, P. G.
Steedman, J. B.
Steedman, W. K.
Stewart, Robert
Stribling, J. C.
Stribling, L. D.
Stuart, Robert
Thames, R. D.
Thomas, S. M.
Thompson, W. M.
Tippens, P.
Tracy, F. S.
Trenholm, Alfred ( R. G. )
Verner, J. D.
Vince, T. G.
Vince, William
Wagner, C.
Welch, W. H.
Whitner, B. F.
Whitney, H. F.
Wilbank ( Willbank ), John
Wilbanks, John
Wilson, G. F.
Yates, John H.
Young, A. M.

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