Cadets of the South Carolina Military Academy
The Citadel, Charleston, SC


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Field & Staff

White, James Benjamin (Major '49), Commanding Officer (1828-1906) Superintendent, the Citadel. Educator and insurance broker, Marion.

Coffin Jr., Amory (2nd Lt. '62), Adjutant (1841-1916) Assistant Professor of French and Drawing, the Citadel. Chief engineer at steel mill, Philadelphia PA

Mazyck, Alexander Harris (2nd Lt. '54), Quartermaster (1835-1913) Bursar, the Citadel. Accountant in Charleston.

Faculty Officers

Thompson, Hugh Smith (Capt. '56), (1836-1904) Professor of Belles Lettres and Ethics, the Citadel. Educator, State Superintendent of Education, Governor, US Civil Service Commissioner, and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

Black, James Ewell (2nd Lt. '57), (1837-1894) Assistant Professor of Mathematics, the Citadel; formerly conscription officer P.A.C.S. Farmer in Spartanburg and insurance agent in Ft. Smith, AR.


Thomas, Edward (Cadet 1st Lt.), (1843-1895) Fairfield, 1st Class. Railway official in TX, TN, and AR.

Hollingsworth, Stephen Franklin (Cadet 2nd Lt.), (1842-1867) Pickens, 1st Class. Rancher in TX.

Dean, George Roswell (Cadet 2nd Lt.), (1844-1911) Anderson, 1st Class. Physician in Spartanburg.


Gray, James Medicus (Cadet Orderly Sgt.), (1843-1902) Barnwell, 1st Class. Farmer and saw mill and cotton gin owner in Allendale.

Klinck, Gustavus Wickenberg (Cadet 2nd Sgt.), (1844-1916) Charleston, 1st Class. Merchant in Charleston.

DeSaussure, Alexander Baron (Cadet 3rd Sgt.), (1844-1905) Charleston, 1st Class. Railway agent in Lynchburg, VA.

Peronneau, Henry (Cadet 4th Sgt.), (1843-1875) Colleton, 1st Class. Telegraphist in Texarkana, AR.

Pringle, William Ashmead (Cadet 1st Corp.), (1845-1885) Charleston, 2nd Class. Bookkeeper in Charleston.

Murdoch, Francis Johnstone (Cadet 2nd Corp.), (1846-1909) Charleston, 2nd Class. In Salisbury, NC.

Dozier, Melville (Cadet 3rd Corp.), (1846-1936) Williamsburg, 2nd Class. Educator and Chairman, Selective Service Board, Los Angeles, CA.

Spearman, William Robinson (Cadet 4th Corp.), (1843-1876) Newberry, 2nd Class. Brother of John R. Spearman. In Newberry.

Boinest, John Elias (Cadet 5th Corp.), (1845-1896) Charleston, 2nd Class. Bookkeeper in Charleston.


Barnwell, Joseph Walker 3rd Class. (1846-1930) Charleston, Attorney in Charleston, legislator.

Barre, John J. (1843-1872) Lexington, 3rd Class. In Newberry.

Bartlette, Julius Lyman (1845-?) Sumter, 3rd Class. Bank clerk in Laredo, TX.

Bethune, John B. (1846-?) Spartanburg, 3rd Class. Previous service with Co. K (Spartan Rifles), Palmetto Sharpshooters.

Black Jr., Joseph F. (1847-1868) Abbeville, 3rd Class.

Bouknight, Joseph Huiet (1841-1911) Edgefield, 1st Class. Planter and bank president in Saluda Co.

Boyd, Thomas B. (1848-1884) York, 2nd Class. Methodist minister in Orangeburg.

Branch, William Tully (1845-1903) Abbeville, 3rd Class. Hotelkeeper and insurance agent in Abbeville.

Breese, William Edmond (1848-1917) Charleston, 4th Class. Banker in Charleston and Asheville, NC.

Brown, Pinckney (1846-1919) Barnwell, 3rd Class. Farmer in Aiken.

Bull, Charles Pinckney (1846-1916) Charleston, 3rd Class. Attorney in New York City.

Carwile, William Edward (1847-1878) Edgefield, 4th Class. Railroad agent and telegraphist, Ridge Spring. Brother of Z. W. Carwile.

Chafee, John William Smith (1848-1907) Charleston, 4th Class. Company president in Augusta, GA. His sister married Theodore G. Croft.

Clark, Robert Knox (1848-1888) Marion, 3rd Class. Farmer and Clerk of Court in Dillon Co

Coffin, Charles Edmonston (1846-1906) Barnwell, 3rd Class. Banking business in Augusta, GA. Younger brother of Lt. Amory Coffin and 1st cousin of G. M. Coffin.

Croft, George William (1846-1904) Edgefield, 3rd Class. Attorney in Aiken. Legislator and U.S. Congressman. Brother of T. G. Croft.

Croft, Theodore Gaillard (1845-1915) Edgefield, 3rd Class. Physician in Aiken. Prior service as Set. Co. C ( Croft Mountain Rangers ), 16th Regiment SC Infantry. Brother of G. W. Croft; he married sister of J .W. S. Chafee.

Dargan, James Thornwell (1846-?) Richland, 3rd Class. Insurance company president in Atlanta, GA.

Dargan, John Hugh (1846-1877) Darlington, 3rd Class.

De Saussure, William Peronneau (1847-1936) Charleston, 3rd Class. In Richmond, VA. Brother of A. B. DeSaussure.

Dougherty, John (1846-1892) Charleston, 3rd Class. Cotton broker in Charleston.

Du bose, Hampden Coit (1845-1910) Darlington, 3rd Class. Presbyterian missionary to China.

Duncan, D'Arcy Paul (1846-1921) Spartanburg, 3rd Class. Farmer in Spartanburg Co. Railroad commissioner of SC.

Ervin, Erasmus Ellerbe (1847-1919) Clarendon, 3rd Class. Presbyterian minister in NC, KY, and SC.

Felder, Jacob Stroman (1845-1928) Orangeburg, 3rd Class. Farmer in Orangeburg.

Fike, Claudius Lucius t1845-1894) Spartanburg, 2nd Class. Surveyor in Laurens.

Fishburne, Lawrence Newman (1845-1904) Colleton, 3rd Class. Merchant in Colleton Co. Brother of C. P. and W. J. Fishburne

Frazier, Wesiey W. (1844-?) Abbeville, 2nd Class. Physician at Mechanicsville, Sumter Co., 1890.

Furman, Farish Carter (1846-1883) Greenville, 3rd Class. Attorney, farmer and county judge in Milledgeville, GA.

Furman, John Hudson (1848-?) Greenville, 3rd Class. Mining engineer and world traveler

Graham, John (1847-?) Beaufort; 4th Class.

Green, Allen Jones (1846-1910) Richland, 3rd Class. Planter, attorney, and judge in Columbia.

Hagood, Lee (1846-1890) Barnwell, 3rd Class. Prior service as courier on Gen. Micah Jenkins' staff. Insurance agent in Columbia.

Harrell, Charles Talley (1847-1907) Darlington, 3rd Class. Cattle dealer in Columbia.

Hayne, Robert Brevard (1848-1883) Charleston, 3rd Class. Clerk, SC Railway in Charleston.

Heyward, Albert Rhett (1846-1910) Charleston, 3rd Class. Planter in Charleston and railway service in Columbia. Brother of J. H. Heyward.

Heyward, James Barnwell (1848-1931) Beaufort, 4th class. Planter at Salkehatchie.

Heyward, Julius Henry (1849-1923) Colleton, 4th Class. Attorney in Greenville. Brother of A. R. Heyward.

Jervey, Lewis Simons (1848-1927) Charleston, 4th Class. Cotton and rice broker in Charleston in partnership with D. H. Bacot.

Johnstone, Sedgewick Lewis Simons (1848-1873) Georgetown, 4th Class.

Lesesne, James Petigru (1848-1892) Charleston, 4th Class. Attorney in Charleston. Drowned in Australia.

Lewis, John Earle (1844-1928) Pickens, 3rd Class. Farmer in Seneca.

Lide, Thomas Parks (1845-1906) Darlington, 4th Class. Baptist minister in Sumter.

Locke, Arthur Hall (1846-1905) Charleston, 2nd Class. Cotton broker and commission merchant in Charleston.

Lockwood, Joshua (1845-1924) Charleston, 2nd Class. Physician and druggist in Charleston.

Lynah Jr., Edward (1846-1920) Charleston, 3rd Class. Rice planter in Beaufort Co. Brother of J. Lynah.

Lynah, James (1845-1901) Charleston, 3rd Class. Prominent in shipping and coal mining inBaltimore, MD. Brother of E. Lynah.

Mazyck, Arthur (1848-1914) Charleston, 4th Class. Attorney in Charleston.

Mc Cabe, Benjamin Franklin (1847-1894) Charleston, 2nd Class. Businessman in Charleston and Berkeley Counties.

Mc Carty, Edward C. (1843-1929) Charleston, 2nd Class. Bookkeeper in Augusta, GA.

Mc Cully, Peter Keys (1845-1917) Anderson, 2nd Class. Prior service in 2nd Regiment SC Rifles. Cotton buyer in Anderson.

Morris, William H. (1845-?) Colleton, 4th Class.

Muldrow, Robert Ellison (1848-1865) Sumter, 4th Class. Died of typhoid fever Apr. 7, 1865.

Parker, William McKenzie (1847-1865) Charleston, 3rd Class. Killed by Federal soldiers in Anderson May 9, 1865.

Pearson, Randall T. (1848-?) Edgefield, 3rd Class.

Perry, Jennings Waring (1846-1886) Colleton, 4th Class. Attorney in Charleston.

Poe, Joseph Taylor (1847-1917) Anderson, 2nd Class. Railroad service in Mobile, AL.

Pringle, James Reid (1846-1920) Charleston, 2nd Class. Cotton and rice factor in Charleston.

Rhett, William Haskell (1844-?) Charleston, 3rd Class. In Brooklyn, NY.

Sams, Mikelle Seabrook (1847-1914) Colleton, 3rd Class. In FL.

Sanders, Lawrence Witsell (1846-1870) Charleston, 2nd Class. Clerk in Charleston.

Simons, Augustus Taveau (1847-1900) Charleston, 4th Class. In Charleston.

Simpson, James Garlington (1846-1926) Laurens, 3rd Class. Farmer in Clinton and attorney, alderman, board of education, mayor, and probate judge in Bolivar, MO.

Smith, John Julius Pringle (1849-1927) Charleston, 4th Class. In Charleston.

Spearman, Frank G. (1844-1928) Newberry, 2nd Class. Property owner in Cross Anchor.

Spearman, John Robert (1841-1922) Newberry, 2nd Class. Farmer in Newberry Co. Brother of W. R. Spearman.

Stewart, John Wistar Simpson (1846-1914) Greenville, 3rd glass. Farmer, surveyor, and mill operator in Greenville.

Stone, Eugene Earle (1843-1907) Greenville, 3rd Class. Prior service in 26th SC Infantry. Planter in Greenville Co.

Taylor, David Sloan (1845-1891) Anderson, 2nd Class. In Anderson.

Thomas, Carey Judson (1845-1923) Marlboro, 3rd Class. Prior service in 8th Regiment SC Infantry. In Inverness, FL.

Thomson, Robert (1846-1927) Beaufort, 3rd Class. In Beaufort Co.

Thompson, James (1848-1898) Beaufort, 4th Class. In Blackville.

Tobin, Isidore Lartigue (1847-1909) Barnwell, 4th Class. Prior service in Le Gardeur's Company (Orleans Guard Artillery), Louisiana Artillery. Attorney in Allendale. His sister married Lee Hagood.

Todd, Samuel Ross (1846-1874) Laurens, 3rd Class. In Laurens.

Vernon, W. R. (1844-?) Laurens, 1st Class.

Vinson, John W. (1846-?) Richland, 2nd Class. Farmer in Fairfield Co.

Waller, Cadmus Garlington (1845-1901) Abbeville, 2nd Class. Merchant in Greenwood and Mayor. Brother of E. H. Waller.

Whaley, Edward Clarence (1847-1907) Orangeburg, 4th Class. Planter on Edisto Island.

Wilson, Franklin Nelson (1844-1905) Williamsburg, 2nd Class. In Clarendon Co.



Armstrong, Nathaniel Walker (1st Lt. '51), (1829-1896) Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical Philosophy, the Citadel. Educator and legislator in Alabama.

Lanneau, John Francis (2nd Lt. '56), (1836-1921) Assistant Professor of Mathematics, the Citadel. Prior service as captain of cavalry, Hampton Legion and as engineer officer. Educator in SC, AL, and MO. Professor of physics at Wake Forest. Cadet Officers

East, Olin Derrick (Cadet 1st Lt.), (1843-?) Laurens, 1st Class. Went west immediately after the war and his family never heard from him again.

White, Sims Edward (Cadet 2nd Lt.), (1844-1881) Charleston, 1st Class. Planter in Berkeley Co.

Sheppard, Orlando (Cadet 2nd Lt.), (1844-1929) Edgefield, 1st Class. Attorney in Edgefield. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS

Snowden, William Howard (Cadet Orderly Sgt.), (1845-1906) Charleston, 1st Class. Merchant in Charleston and Macon,GA. Brother of T. G. Snowden.

King, James W. (Cadet 2nd Sgt.), (1844-1890) Kershaw, 1st Class. Physician and druggist in Florence.

Baskin, William Peebles (Cadet 3rd Sgt.), (1843-1876) Richland, 1st Class. Planter in Bishopville.

Horsey, Charles W. (Cadet 4th Sgt.), (1845-1878) Charleston, 1st Class. Physician in Fernandina, FL.

Culbreath, James Yarbrough (Cadet 1st Corp.), (1843-1904) Edgefield, 2nd Class. Attorney in Newberry.

Haynsworth, Moses Sanders (Cadet 2nd Corp.), (1845-1928) Darlington, 2nd Class. Farmer in Florence Co.

Horlbeck, John Schernley (Cadet 3rd Corp.), (1845-1916) Charleston, 2nd Class. Pecan grower and brick manufacturer at Boone Hall Plantation near Mount Pleasant. CADET PRIVATES

Adams, Edgar Sheppard (1848-?) Edgefield, 4th Class. Moved to TX and married there.

Allen, James Pierson (1848-1934) Charleston, 4th Class. Government engineer in Charleston.

Appleby, Felix Vivian (1845-1911) Colleton. Cotton buyer and merchant in St. George.

Boatwright, James Henry "Hal" (1846-1911) Richland, 4th Class. Father was Mayor of Columbia. Dry goods merchant and insurance agent in Wilmington, NC.

Boggs, Thomas E. (1847-1877) 5th Congressional District (Pickens), 4th Class. Farmer in Pickens Co.

Brown, Heyward (1847-1878) Barnwell, 4th Class.

Brown, Lawrence W. (1849-?) Barnwell, 4th Class. Farmer in Lancaster.

Buck, George Olney (1847-1865) Horry, 4th Class. Died of disease Jan. 22, 1865, while Cadets were in service.

Buckingham, William R. (1848-?) Barnwell, 4th Class. Insurance agent in Barnwell

Cain, Richard Marion (1846-1886) Sumter, 4th Class. Farmer in Sumter Co. Prior service in Co. K, 22nd SC Infantry. Brother of W. O. Cain.

Cain, William O'Dell (1844-1929) Sumter, 4th Class. Farmer in Sumter. Legislator. Brother of R. M. Cain.

Cannon, Lewis Cass (1846-?) Spartanburg, 4th Class. Bank cashier in Spartanburg. Alive 1891.

Cantey, Joseph Samuel (1846-1929) Clarendon, 4th Class. Farmer near Summerton.

Carwile Jr., Zachariah Williams (1849-?) Edgefield, 4th Class. Insurance broker and merchant in Augusta, GA. Brother of W. E. Carwile.

Chisolm, Laurens North (1848-1905) Charleston, 4th Class. Cotton and rice factor in Charleston.

Coffin Jr., George Matthew's (1847-1934) Charleston, 4th Class. Produce dealer and banker in Charleston. First cousin of Lt. Armory Coffin and C. E. Coffin.

Culbreath, John (1846-1865) Edgefield, 2nd Class. Died of measles April 17, 1865, while Cadets were in service.

Dargan, Kemp S. (1848-?) Richland, 4th Class. Insurance business in Atlanta.

Evans, Calvin L. (1845-1921) Chesterfield, 4th Class. Farmer in Cheraw.

Fell, John Hamlin (1845-1883) Charleston, 4th Class. Clerk in Charleston and Savannah, GA.

Ferrell, George W. (1846-?) 1st Congressional District (Marion), 4th Class. Prior service with Co. H., 8th SC Infantry. Wounded July 1, 1862, at Malvern Hill. Arm may have been amputated. Farmer in Bamberg Co.

Footman, Henry E. (1845-1924) Williamsburg, 4th Class. Prior service in 25th Regiment SC Infantry. School principal in CA and later in commercial interests.

Gantt, Hamilton M. Greenville, 4th Class.

Gantt, Monroe (1847-1917) Lexington, 4th Class. Railroad agent and farmer in Aiken.

Goodman, William Pulaski (1845-1873) Edgefield. Rancher in TX; killed by Indians.

Graves, George Crawford (1845-1923) Abbeville, 3rd Class. Farmer in Abbeville Co. near Monterey.

Gwin, Richard A. (1838-?) 5th Congressional District, 4th Class. Prior service with Co. B (Butler Guards), 2nd SC Infantry. Memory Roll says Robert A. Gwin.

Harrison, Isham (1848-1918) Anderson, 3rd Class. In Walhalla.

Hemingway, Allard Belin (1846-1922) Georgetown, 4th Class. Farmer and merchant in Georgetown Co.

Huger, John Chapman (1848-1880) 2nd Congressional District (Charleston), 4th Class. Accountant in Summerville.

Hughes, Samuel Bones (1847-1920) Edgefield, 4th Class. Farmer in Edgefield.

Ingram, John Conyers (1847-1889) Clarendon, 4th Class. Farmer in Sumter.

Janney, Charles F. (1848-1885) Richland, 4th Class. Attorney in Columbia.

Johnson, John (1845-?) Colleton, 4th Class.

Johnson, Thomas Albert (1846-1865) Newberry, 4th Class. Died at Spartanburg of brain fever on March 23, 1865, while Cadets were in service.

Johnson, William Ewing (1847-1910) Kershaw, 4th Class. Dry goods merchant in Camden.

Johnstone, George (1846-1921) Newberry, 4th Class. Attorney in Newberry. Legislator and U.S. Congressman.

Jones, Johnstone (1848-1922) York, 4th Class. Adjutant General of NC and later attorney in CA.

Joye, Edmund Vernon (1847-1891) Charleston, 4th Class. Physician in Athens and Atlanta, GA.

Kennedy, William Watts (1846-?) Laurens, 4th Class. Lawyer in Laurens.

Kershaw, John (1847-1921) Kershaw, 3rd Class. Furloughed January 1865 to join the staff of his father, Maj. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw, in VA, captured at Saylor's Creek and confined at Fort Warren, MA. Attorney until 1873 when he became Episcopal priest in GA and SC.

Keys, Joseph Whitner (1845-1913) Anderson, 4th Class. In Anderson.

Lamar, Abner Whatley (1847-?) 4th Congressional District (Edgefield). Clergyman in Kershaw.

Lenoir, James Yarborough (1847-?) Sumter, 4th Class. Farmer in Lamar Co., TX.

Lowndes, Richard I'on (1848-1889) Georgetown, 4th Class. Farmer in Georgetown.

Lyons Jr., Jacob "Jake" Cohen (1848-?) Richland, 4th Class. Continued his education in Philadelphia. In wholesale pharmaceutical business with his eldest brother in New Orleans.

Magrath Jr., Andrew Gordon (1845-1894) Charleston, 2nd Class. Son of the Governor, he was furloughed during the last year of the war to serve as an aide-de-camp to Brig. Gen. James Connor. Attorney and judge in Charleston.

Martin, Robert Hayne (1847-?) Charleston, 4th Class. Merchant in Charleston and Brooklyn, NY.

Matheson, John Stoney (1849-?) Charleston, 4th Class. Purser in the Merchant Marine in Charleston.

McBee, Vardry Echols (1849-1923) Greenville, 4th Class. Railway service in NC and GA. Brother of F. B. McBee.

McGhee, William Zach (1845-1885) 4th Congressional District, 4th Class. Prior service in Co. G. 7th Regiment SC Cavalry. Journalist and teacher in Cokesbury.

McMichael, William Edward (1846-1889) Orangeburg, 4th Class. Deputy Sheriff in Orangeburg Co.

Meng, Lewis (1846-1911) Union, 4th Class. Overseer in cotton mills in Spartanburg and Laurens.

Miller, Daniel A. (1846-?) 6th Congressional District (Fairfield), 4th Class. Prior service with Co. G. 6th SC Volunteers.

Moore, William H. (1847-1921) Abbeville, 4th Class. Farmer in Donalds.

Moore, Matthew Singleton (1849-?) Sumter, 4th Class. Farmer in Waterloo.

Moore, Thomas Thompson (1845-1922) Newberry, 4th Class. Dentist and city alderman in Columbia.

Munro, James (1846-1913) Anderson, 4th Class. In Union.

Noble, Russell (1847-1865) Charleston, 4th Class. Died of disease while Cadets were in service.

Obear, Henry Norwood (1847-1897) Fairfield, 4th Class. Attorney in Fairfield and Columbia.

Palmer, William DeHon (1846-1912) Charleston, 4th Class. Lost hand while Cadets were in service. Planter in Berkeley Co.

Parker, James Rose (1848-1884) Georgetown, 4th Class. Prior service with 1st (Gregg's) Regiment SC Infantry. Planter in Georgetown Co.

Patterson, William Bailey (1845-1864) Charleston, 2nd Class. Mortally wounded at Tulifinnv.

Pressley, William Burrows (1847-1930) Williamsburg, 4th Class. Rancher in CA.

Ragin, Henry Lawrence (1845-1906) Clarendon, 4th Class. Prior service in Palmetto Sharpshooters. Postwar, changed his name to Henry Ragin Thomas. Near Williston.

Rivers, Frederick Witsell Fraser (1846-1907) Colleton, 4th Class. Physician in Colleton Co.

Rogers, James Mitchell (1845-1924) Charleston, 1st Class. Merchant in MS, LA, and NC.

Salley, Alexander McQueen (1847-1929) Orangeburg, 3rd Class. Farmer in Orangeburg Co. and sheriff.

Sanders, Cotesworth Pinckney (1846-1919) Colleton, 4th Class. Merchant in Bamberg; attorney in Gaffney and Spartanburg.

Sellers, John Calhoun (1847-1920) Marion, 4th Class. Attorney, farmer, and land surveyor in Marion Co. Legislator and postmaster of Sellers.

Sessions, David Robert (1847-1924) Georgetown, 4th Class. Prior service in Co. B (Brooks Rifle Guards), 10th Regiment SC Infantry. Farmer.

Shuck, John Sexton (1847-1907) Barnwell, 4th Class. Teacher, mercantile business, and newspaper editor in Aiken and Bamberg.

Simons, William Wragg (1846-1913) Charleston, 4th Class. Clerk of Charleston City Council.

Simpson, McNeil Turner (1845-i919) Laurens, 4th Class. Planter and mercantile agent in Laurens Co.

Small, James Hampton (1850-1925) Georgetown, 4th Class. Merchant in Georgetown.

Smith, Henry A. (?-1909) 6th Congressional District, 4th Class. Prior service as Sgt., Co. B. 1st SC Artillery.

Snowden, Theodore Willard (1847-1896)Charleston, 4th Class. Brother of W. H. Snowden. Cotton broker in Charleston.

Spann, John Wesley (1846-1917) Lexington, 4th Class. Farmer in Gilbert.

Spearman, John Franklin (1845-?) Newberry, 4th Class. Schoolteacher in Newberry and railroad ticket agent in Columbia.

Stansell, Francis Wardlaw (1845-1875) Barnwell, 4th Class. In Williston.

Thomas, Peyre (1846-1885) Fairfield, 4th Class. Prior service. Physician in TX. First cousin of Captain J. P. Thomas and brother of Cadets Edward and W. R. Thomas

Thomson, Arthur W. (1844-?) 3rd Congressional District (Barnwell), 4th Class. Prior service in 1st (Hagood's) Regiment SC Infantry.

Thompson Jr., Waddy (1847-1882) Greenville, 4th Class. Physician in Greenville.

Tiedeman, John Carston (1846-1938) Charleston, 4th Class. Wholesale grocer and provision dealer in Charleston.

Vance, James Wistar (1845-?) Abbeville, 4th Class. Physician in Memphis, TN.

Vose, John George (184B-1923) Colleton, 4th Class. City commissioner in Lawrenceville, GA

Walker, Mendel Lafayette (1845-?) Laurens, 4th Class. Prior service with 5th SC Infantry. Farmer

Wallace, Edwin Ruthven (1846-1892) Union, 4th Class. Prior service as Sgt., 5th Regiment SC Infantry, severely wounded at Frazier's Farm, VA.

Watson, Artemas Briggs (1847-1912) Edgefield, 4th Class. Methodist Minister in Saluda Co.

Wells, Joseph Seabrook (1848-1883) Beaufort, 4th Class. Commission merchant in Charleston.

Williams, Earle E. (1848-?) Edgefield, 4th Class.

Williman, Walter (1845-1924) Charleston, 4th Class. Bank teller and cashier in Charleston.

Woodward, Alston Parke "Pat" (1847-?) 3rd Congressional District (Beaufort), 4th Class. Prior service as teamster with Co. D, Holcombe Legion. POW Kinston, NC, Dec. 15, 1862. Farmer at Hawthorne in Aiken Co.

The Cadets of the Citadel were ordered to Morris Island on January 1, 1861 to construct and man a site on Morris Island in Charleston Harbor to command the channel to prevent reinforcement of Fort Sumter. On January 9, 1861, the Cadets fired on a Federal steamer, the Star of the West, as it approached Fort Sumter with 200 infantry troops. The Star of the West retraced its route and proceeded out of the harbor and back to New York.

History would date the beginning of the conflict from the bombardment of Fort Sumter, rather than the earlier firing three months before on the Star of the West. Thus, the Cadets were relieved of the burden of responsibility for the devastating conflict which was about to unfold.

In preparation for war efforts, on January 28,1861, the South Carolina General Assembly passed an act combining the Arsenal and Citadel into one institution:

I. That the Arsenal Academy and the Citadel Academy shall retain the same distinctive titles, but they shall together constitute and be entitled, "The South Carolina Military Academy."

II. That the officers and students thereof, organized as "a Public Guard," into one or more companies at each Academy, shall constitute a military corps, entitled "the Battalion of State Cadets. That said battalion shall be part of the military organization of the State, under the separate and immediate control of the Board of Visitors, and shall not be subject to the command of the militia officers, except when specially ordered for parade, review, or service by the commander-in-chief; that the officers of said battalion shall be commissioned by the Governor, with such rank and titles (the highest not exceeding that of Major) as the Board of Visitors may determine; provided nevertheless, that the officers of said battalion may be removed by the Board of Visitors and their commissions thereby vacated, in like manner as is now provided for in the second Section of the said Act, for the removal of professors of the Academy; that the said battalion of State Cadets, while habitually maneuvering as infantry, may yet maneuver in any arm of the service, and shall take the right of all troops of the same arm in which it may at any time parade.

III. That all graduates of the South Carolina Military Academy, in consideration of their four years service at the said Academy, shall be eligible to any commissioned office, not above the grade of colonel, in the military organization of the State.

Throughout the war, the Cadets of each school provided services to the state and Confederate governments. On December 18, 1942, in commemoration of the centennial of the establishment of the Citadel, Gov. Richard M. Jefferies presented to the Corps of Cadets of The Citadel nine battle streamers denoting as many operations participated in by the Cadets during the war. All nine streamers are gray with blue inscriptions, with the exception of the "Confederate States Army" streamer which is inscribed in white. The streamers were presented for service at:
Star of the West January 9,1861
Wappoo Cut November 1861
James Island June 1862
Charleston and Vicinity July to October 1863
James Island June 1864
Tulifinny December 1864
James Island December 1864 to February 1865
Williamston May 1865
Confederate States Army

Information from Cadets in Gray. the Story of the Cadets of the South Carolina Military Academy and the Cadet Rangers in the Civil War by Gary R. Baker.

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