South Carolina Reserve Units

SC Unit Identifier Name Rank
  1861 - 1865  
Cadets of the South Carolina Military Academy
James Benjamin White Superintendant
Stono Scouts (Mounted Militia)
John B. Walpole Captain
  1861 - 1862  
1st Mounted Militia Regiment
William Edward Martin Colonel
  Jun 1862 - Jan 1863  
1st Reserves    
2nd Reserves
Ellerbe B. C. Cash Colonel
3rd Reserves
Charles James Elford Colonel
  Stephen Stephen Crittenden Lieutenant-Colonel
  Daniel Grice Major
4th Reserves
Colonel J. B. E. Sloan Colonel
  R. A. Maxwell Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. W. Norris Major
5th Reserves
Thomas Glascock Bacon Colonel
  Daniel Grice Lieutenant-Colonel
  James Benjamin Griffin Lieutenant-Colonel
  Edward E. Noble Major
6th Reserves
Andrew Jackson Secrest Colonel
  James Nelson Shedd Lieutenant-Colonel
  Daniel Williams Major
7th Reserves William Blackburn Wilson Colonel
  J. B. Tolleson Lieutenant-Colonel
  William Sartor McJunkin Major
8th Reserves James (John) Henderson Witherspoon Colonel
  William M. Shannon Lieutenant-Colonel
  Thomas Taylor Major
9th Reserves James Henderson Williams Colonel
  Anthony Cook Fuller Lieutenant-Colonel
  John W. Arnold Major
10th Reserves James M. Baxter Colonel
  A. G. Talley Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. G. Wolf. Major
11th Reserves John J. Ryan Colonel
  William F. Hutson Lieutenant-Colonel
  James L. Davis Major
  Aug 1863 - Feb 1864  
1st State Troops Thomas B. Roberts Colonel
  W. Ludlow Hodges Lieutenant-Colonel
  William E. Welborn Major
2nd State Troops William Fort Colonel
  G. A. Lewie Lieutenant-Colonel
  Walter Quattlebaum Major
3rd State Troops John E. Carew Colonel
  R. E. (A.) Rouse Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. J. Anderson Major
4th State Troops James (John) Henderson Witherspoon Colonel
  F. M. Millett Lieutenant-Colonel
  John C. Evans Major
5th State Troops James Henderson Williams Colonel
  John. A. Bradley Lieutenant-Colonel
  Lucien P. (G.) Sadler Major
Charleston Reserves Alexander H Brown Colonel
  Richard De Treville Colonel
  Francis M. Robertson Colonel
  Robert N. Gouldin Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. W. A. Wardlaw Major
Senior Reserves July 1864 - April 1865  
1st Battalion D. Joel Ballenger Major
  Daniel Williams Major
2nd Battalion D. J. Barnette Major
3rd Battalion William Perry Gill Lieutenant-Colonel
4th Battalion James H. Williams Lieutenant-Colonel
5th Battalion Thomas R. Brown Lieutenant-Colonel
6th Battalion Robert Merriwether Major
7th Battalion James W. Ward Major
8th Battalion S. H. Stallings Major
  W. W. Hutto Major
Reserve Battalion Fall 1864 - April 1865  
Cunningham's Battalion John Cunningham Major
Junior Reserves Nov 1864 - April 1865  
1st Regiment James B. Griffin Colonel
  Benjamin Zachary Herndon Lieutenant-Colonel
  S. P. Dike Major
2nd Regiment W. H. Duncan Lieutenant-Colonel
  D. H. Rice Major
3rd Regiment Artemas Darby Goodwin Colonel
  J. W. Harrington Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. McIver Major
4th Regiment R. B. Ligon Colonel
  J. R. Spearman Lieutenant-Colonel
  J. W. Ferguson Major

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