South Carolina
State Troops
Seed Corn Units

  Under a call or order of the Governor of this State, the remaining units of the militia were mustered at Hamburg, SC, July 1864, and there organized into Companies.

The officers of the 8 Battalions and most of the Company officers were men of mature years or had been retired from the regular Confederate Army for various disabilities.

After the muster at Hamburg, SC, units of 17 year old troops were formed into 8 battalions (often referred to as Senior Reserves).
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They were formed into a brigade and placed under the commande of Brigadier General James Chesnut , a political officer with no command experience. Those under that age were allowed to return to their respective homes.

By order of the said Governor, the youngest troops were again assembled at Hamburg, SC, November 26th, 1864, and were duly armed and equipped, and formed into 4 regiments (often referred to as Junior Reserves and also State Militia) and ordered into active service. From Hamburg, S. C., they were ordered to Honey Hill, SC, arriving at that place just after the battle of that name.
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The units served until the end of the war, most ending up in Spartanburg, SC, where they were disbanded in April 1865.

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Thu., 8 Dec 1864:
The Charleston Daily Courier
We must repeat--and repeat--and continue to repeat--as long as evidences of the fact appear--our deliberate and well settled conviction in reference to the various proposals put forth for "grinding our seed corn," and sacrificing our yearlings, that the great evil and defect has not been want of men so much as the want of discipline and order and vigor in putting and keeping in active service the men nominally liable.

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