6th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reservess
Company C
Lexington & Edgefield Districts

Quattlebaum, Walter, Captain

NonCommissioned Officers

Boatright, Thomas

Burkett, Thomas W.

Fulmer, John A.

Hall, Evans. He was born about 1850 and died 10 Aug 1913. A teacher in Chinquapin, Lexington County in 1880 census. He married Ellen _____, born 14 Dec 1855 of Leesville, 9 Mar 1878, who applied for a widow's pension, 13 Oct 1919.

Hall, Franklin. He was born 23 Sep 1848 and was living in Chinquapin, Lexington County in 1880 census. He applied for pension at Batesburg, 13 Oct 1919.

Howard, Isaiah. He was born 31 May 1845. A farm laborer in Norris, Edgefield, County in 1880 census. He married Emma _____, born about 1849. He aApplied for pension at Samaria, 29 Sep 1919.

Neese, J. A.. He was born 1 Jun 1847. Applied for pension at Swansea, 9 Apr 1919.

Quattlebum, T.

Riley, William Elred born 22 June 1847, enlisted 15 Sep 1864, transferred to Company C, 7th Battalion and alive in Fairfield County in 1910. He is but he is buried in Beulah Methodist Church in Blythewood, SC.

Staggers, John W.. Died in General Hospital No. 24 March 1865 and is buried there in Oakwood Cemetery. Prewar occupation was physicain in Williamsburg

Stoudemire, Elias

Summers, William A.

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