6th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company E
Edgefield District

Mims, Giles Dozier, Captain, was born in Edgefield District, SC, on 19 April 1815, and was a farmer at Edisto Mills. A veteran of the Seminole Wars of 1836, he was also a pre-war colonel of the 7th SC Militia Infantry, and had seen previous Confederate service as a sergeant in Co. F, 11th SC Reserve Infantry, and as sergeant major of the 2d SC Infantry, State Troops. He was elected as first lieutenant on 8 June 1864, and then became captain of the company when Robert Merriwether was elected major of the battalion. He died in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia on 6 March 1884.

Kenny, Robert E., 1st Lieutenantwas born on 8 March 1817, and was a farmer at Edgefield, SC. He served previously as a sergeant in Co. K, 5th SC Reserve Infantry, and as a private in Co. I, 2d SC Infantry, State Troops. He died on 18 December 1893 and is buried at Harmony Methodist Church in Edgefield County.

Stone, Isaac B., 3rd Lieutenant, born 30 Nov 1822, died 23 May 1899, and is buried Oleander Cemetery , Marshall County, AL. He previously served as a Corporal in 1st State Troops, Company D, Aug 1863 - Feb 1864 and as a Private in 5th State Troops, Company E, Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

NonCommissioned Officers
Kirksey, E. P. H., Sergeant

Steward, J. W., Corporal

Franklin, M.

Grice, W.

Kirkland, William

Lybrand, Henry

Moyer, L.

Palmer, M. J.

Powell Jr., James, born 1853, died 21 May 1886, and is buried in Graniteville

Quattlebaum, I. P.

Rush, David

Wright, William. He died 19 February 1865 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

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