7th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company D
Marion District

Crawford, William H, Captain

Cook, Henry B., 1st Lieutenant

McDuffie, Neill, 2nd Lieutenant

Gordon, Alfred B., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Wilcox, John, Company Clerk and later served as Sergeant Major of battalion

Carmichael, Alexander C., Sergeant

Owens, Stephen G., Sergeant

Moody, Salathiel S., Sergeant

James, Thomas L., Sergeant

Edens, Alfred, Corporal

Martin, M. H., Corporal

Collins, Charles G., Corporal

Little, Daniel, Corporal

Davis Jr., T. G., Corporal

Alford, John C

Alford, John D

Alford, Walter S

Alford, William Mack

Altman, James D.

Avant, Jordan G

Bailey, ??

Baker, B. B.

Berry, Clinton

Berry, Samuel

Bethea, D.

Bethea, James D.

Brown, Edward

Brown, Henry

Brown, John

Brown, W. K.

Bryant, Henry

Bryan, Stephen S.

Byrd, Huger

Burriss, Robert L.

Capps, John H.

Carmichael, John

Coleman, Franklin D.

Collins, Benjamin F.

Collins, Barny P.

Crier, Thomas

Cuddle, James R.

Dickson, W. J.

Eaddy, Trezevant

Edwards, George

Edwards Jr., William G

Evans, Josiah

Evans, Thomas

Finnagan, Patrick

Ferrel, James

Finklea, J. Wesley

Finklea, Samuel B.

Foxworth, W. C.

Fowler, Joseph

Gibson, John

Gododbold, Ervin

Godbold, Robert

Greenwood, James L.

Gregg, Francis M.

Gregg, William B.

Hairgrove, Stephen A.

Harrington, John T.

Hatchel, B. Pleasant

Hatchel, ??

Haynes, James W.

Hudson, Eli T.

Huggins, Enos T.

Hutchinson, Rix

Hyman, Causea

Jordan, John D.

Jordan, John T.

Lee, Curtis

Lewis, John

Lewis, W. Evan

Lewis, William S.

Lowrimore, Collin W.

Marlow, David

Matthews, ??

Moore, John Beaty

McCormac, P.

McDaniel, Benjamin Franklin "Dock", was born on 23 December 1846, 7 of 12 children of James A. McDaniel, Sr. and Martha Ann Edwards McDaniel. in Charmichael Township, or modern-day Kentyre Community in what is now Dillon County. He attended Cow Branch Academy and went to Pee Dee Presbyterian Church. He married Elizabeth Ann Allen (born 11 Feb 1847 and died 24 Mar 1907) on 14 April 1864. He en;isted 17 Sep of 1864. During reconstruction, he was active in the "Red Shirt" movement with his father and surviving veteran brother. He continued farming in the area of Carmichael Township. He died on 18 Feb 1918 and was buried along with his wife at Kentyre Church,

McKenzie, Eli

McNeill, Simon P.

Owens, William

Parker, Robert

Parker, Stephen

Poston, Francis

Poston, J. McK.

Poston, Thomas

Proctor, Thomas

Prosser, Job

Reaves, J. Robert

Reaves Jr., Robert H. Served with company until he turned 18 and then transferred to 21st SC Infantry. Killed in Action at Ft. Fisher, NC, 13/15 Jan 1865

Richardson, John M.

Rogers, E. W.

Rogers, Henry

Rogers, John H.

Rowell, Jesse C.

Rowell, William D, born about 1850

Salmons, Samuel

Sawyer, Willis

Singletary, Hamer

Smith, Anderson

Smith, Jacob W.

Smith, Nathan

Smith, Thomas

Smithey, G. W.

Stafford, Neill

Tart, E. Murchison

Tart, Henry

Taylor, James

Timmons, William

Turbeville, William

Waters, Willis

Walsh, James E.

Whute, John

White, W. Coke

Wilcox, John

Williams, George N.

Williams, James A.

Wise, Wilson D.

Most of the above do not have Compiled Service Records and can be found in:
A History of Marion County, South Carolina
W. W. Sellers
Columbia, SC: 1902

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