7th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company F
Georgetown District

Grier ( Grice ), Lemuel A, Captain, born about 1817

Ham, James D, 1st Lieutenant, born about 1815

Forster, A. M., 2nd Lieutenant

McArn Jr., Hugh, 2nd Lieutenant, Jr., born about 1816

NonCommissioned Officers
Sparkman Jr, James Ritchie, 1st Sergeant, Georgetown, born Sept 1847, 17 years, 2 months old at time of enlistment- 1 Nov 1864

Goude, John E W, Sergeant

Goude, Joseph N, Sergeant

Pyatt, John F, Sergeant, born about 1818

Skinner, James W, Sergeant

Cribb ( Crobb ), Stephen, Corporal, born about 1818

Cribb, Thomas H, Corporal, born about 1820

Ham, Wainfield S, Corporal

Westbury, Benjamin F, Corporal, born about 1822

Ackerman, James

Ackerman, Samuel A

Ackerman, William

Ayers, William T

Baxley, W A

Bingham, Henry R

Bingham, Samuel R

Burrows, Thomas

Campbell, B

Cooper, Aaron

Cox, John M

Cribb, Criss C

Cribb, Leonard

Ellis, Denton

Ellis, Durant

Forbes ( Forns ), John W, born about 1830

Freeman, G

Goldfinch, Daniel, born about 1819

Grier Jr., Samuel, born about 1855

Guerry, Benjamin L

Haselden, J W

Hyman, J L

Hyman, James

Johnson, J W

Johnson Jr., J W

Long, Henry, born about 1805

Marsh, Willis, born about 1816

Munnerlyn, Francis W

Owens, C Pinckney

Rhames, E

Roberts, William

Rogerson, W D

Sellers, W

Skinner, Robert

Small, William C

Smith, Eli

Smith, J R

Sweet, William, born about 1815

Taylor, Robert, born about 1828

Wall, W D

Williams, T A

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